Maker's Mark. The ubiquitous redhead known to whiskey drinkers everywhere. Composed of equal parts good bourbon and good marketing, it's difficult to look at a red candle without wanting a drink. The sole product from the little distillery in Loretto, every bottle of Maker's contains the best that they produce, and they sell every bit of it. Not long after an identical distilling operation was put into place to expand production, another expansion is in the works. A nice problem to have. What changes will new ownership bring to Maker's Mark? We'll have to wait and see.

During the recent Bourbon Festival Dave Pickerell, Master Distiller for Maker's Mark, was kind enough to personally tour a group of members around the distillery. For a couple of hours Dave explained the ins and outs of Maker's Mark. Those in attendance were duly impressed with both the Maker's Mark operation and with Dave himself.

For the generosity showed to our members, their effectiveness at introducing KY bourbon to the masses, and their own consistantly good whiskey, Maker's Mark has been chosen as October's Bourbon of the Month.

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