Makers was what got me started on Bourbon so it has a nice history with me. It is all I drank for the first 6 months or so until my bottles ran dry and that led me here.
After finding I ventured off to a whole variety of Bourbons which I very much enjoyed. My memory of Makers was that it did not have as much flavor as some of my "new" favorites and I did not revisit it until the week prior to the Ambassador meeting.
I worked it over pretty well for the week before the group meeting. I was pleasantly surprised, it had a nicer flavor than I was remembering, and at least for my tongue, a little more complexity than I recalled as well. I would not concider it a Premium Bourbon if we are talking price, here in WA it goes for $25.95, well below many other bottles.
I find the nose fruity, maybe a hint of oak...the taste is sweet with a little tangy toffee flavor...the finish is mellow, maybe a little fleeting. A nice, soft relaxing drink that does not burn and is not too smooth as well.