Itís a good bourbon but it is something that I seldom buy. Itís something to buy in a bar because this is usually the best bourbon most bars have imo. I think a lot of itís popularity is because of itís nice packaging, this is after all what got me to try bourbon; I was in the liquor store wanting to try something new and I saw this oddly shaped bottle with a wax seal and bought it. I havenít had this one in a while but if I recall correctly this bourbon leaves something to be desired because of its price. To put things into perspective a bottle of MM costs $26 or $27, a bottle of WT101 costís about $21 so for the cost of the MM I can get a much better, stronger bourbon and a pack of smokes (well, sometimes and depending on the store). But overall, as I said before, itís a good bourbon. Last time I was in Atlantic City I was a bit disappointed that this was the best the bar at Caesars Palace had to offer me but I ordered a double in a snifter ($12!!!) and found it even more enjoyable than I remembered, it was even from a fresh bottle too.