Thanks for the info on Sazerac. I suppose another way to approach this would be to find a bar that has the weller antique and order myself a glass of it. It would be nice to have someone knowledgable taste my bottle, but I trust my taste buds enough to simply try tasting another bottle and see how it strikes me. However, I don't want to fork over the $$$ for another bottle.

I have not seen the weller antique in any of the Milwaukee establishments that cater to higher end stuff. However, I will be in Chicago this weekend. Know of any good places on the north side that serve the Weller Antique?

If I could try the weller antique somewhere else, and if it tasted OK to me, then I would be very convinced that there is something wrong with the bottle I have. I don't expect to get any satisfaction from Sazerac necesarilly, but it would satisfy me just to know what the story is.

Don't these distilleries have tasters that try the whiskey out after it is aged and before it is bottled? This may be getting way ahead of the game here, but I wonder what could have gone wrong?