I just got off the phone with Julian Van Winkle and wanted to pass on two tidbits of good news.

First, although I couldn't weasel the source of the VWR 13/12 out of him, he did tell me that he's got some 15 YO rye still aging in his warehouse in Lawrenceburg that's coming along very nicely. Not much of it, he said, but he'll be doing something with it one of these days. Hope we get our share and it doesn't all go to Japan!

Second, good news for Hirsch fans. Van Winkle does the bottling for the Hirsch bourbons and he told me that there is "plenty" of the 16 YO still in the tanks. They just ran off a new bottling last week with a new label noting some of the outstanding reviews and awards this excellent Pennsylvania bourbon has won. Thank God, I say. This gives Bushido and I more time to buy lottery tickets: Michter's is still waiting!

Lew Bryson
Hirsch Reserve 16 YO: Real Pennsylvania Bourbon