I'm relatively new to bourbon - really just taking more than a passing interest in the last year or so - and just picked up my 1st bottle of an SW product today.

I was a bit stoked at the whole idea of snagging a SW bottle -- but then wondered...why? It's actually a product I haven't heard of (David Nicholson 7 year old BIB) - I just bought it because of the DSP KY 16.

It made me think of my other vice -- cigars -- and the hype around Cuban cigars. After several years, I have come to recognize that a lot of the praise given to Cuban cigars is warranted, but there are also some not-so-good Cuban cigars - especially from certain years, etc. And, conversely, there are also some very good non-Cuban cigars.

So...to my question....what makes Stitzel Weller bourbon so good? Is it the master distiller? The equipment? The location? The raw ingredients? Is it just the "hard-to-get" factor because the distillery is no more? Or maybe it's a combination of a lot of these things and there's just a sort of intangible "they did things 'right'" about it.

Is there any not-so-good Stitzel Weller product (and please don't say David Nicholson!)?

Just trying to learn a little while enjoying my new hobby!