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    a few questions from a new drinker

    Hello, I turned 21 in September. I never drank much before then.

    I do not like beer, wine, or most of the other things that I have tried. When I tried gin, I spit it out before swallowing.

    I have been drinking a sip of Maker's Mark periodically for a while, and I have always liked it. So I decided to try some different boubons.

    I then tried Jim-Beam white. I thought that it was ok when mixed with soft-drinks, but not that great plain. It tasted really bad when I tried it with ice.

    I then had a sip of Early Times Kentucky Whisky (technically not a bourbon). I thought that it would be bad considering its price and packaging, but I liked it. It tasted similar to Maker's Mark: a sweet candy-like flavor.

    After that, I read this forum, and then headed to wal-mart to buy some bourbon of my own. I got a bottle of Wild-Turkey 101, which I had read on here was fairly good. I do not like it at all. Taste wise, I find almost nothing in common with the other bourbons I have tried. All I taste is the woody flavors. I found that I like it even less mixed or diluted with water. I think that I might have dectected what I read here is called an oily sensansation. I am not sure if this is desirable, but I do not like it.

    One question about the Wild Turkey. There are some suspended particles present which I notice when I pour it into a glass. Is this normall?

    After reading some more, I decided that I might prefer wheated bourbons, so I headed to the liquor store. The only wheated bourbon they had other than Maker's Mark was W.L. Weller Special Reserve (seven years old), so I bought it. I tried it today. My initial impression was a somewhat spicy flavour dominated by alcohol burn with a slight sweetness, followed by the flavor which I am not sure what to call: when I had only tried Maker's Mark and Jim Beam white, it is the flavor which I thought was simply the primary flavor of bourbon (but that I can not detect in Wild Turkey 101, which I read on here is a typical bourbon). Anyway, I like this flavor, and I thought that the bourbon was acceptable. I then tried it diluted with water. When diluted, I do not notice the spicyness, the sweetness is more pronounced, and I notice a few other flavors (blueberry?). I prefer it diluted, as I do not care for the spicyness and I like the other flavors which I noticed only when diluted.

    Maker's Mark is still my favorite. I like the candy-like flavor.

    Anyway, can I conclude that I do not like bourbons with rye? Any recommendations for my next wheated bourbon (I will be heading to louisville this winter)? I noticed Buffallo Trace, Jim Beam Black, the high end Wild Turkeys, and Wilheam at the store. Do you think that I would like any of these?
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