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    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Now? (Fall Edition 06)

    Summer's over folks, and the saga continues.

    Not consuming it at the moment, but last night it was a tax stamped Weller from the late seventies/very early eighties that barrel_proof gave me this summer. Absolutely brilliant when consumed with some good dark chocolate!
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    Last night was a "taste and compare" evening. Started off with Old Grand Dad 86 8year old National Distillers 1986, followed by Old Taylor 86 6year old National Distillers 1987, and finished with Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12year old Heritage Collection early '90s.

    The Old Grand Dad won by a mile.
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    I finished off a bottle of Rittenhouse Rye 80 proof last night, that I only bought because the BIB wasn't available that day. Although I tend to find 80 proof whiskeys too diluted, I was still impressed with the quality of it. Heaven Hill has really done a terrific job with this brand. They got it exactly right.

    One thing I've noticed with 80 proof whiskey is that it helps to take bigger sips.

    At the moment, though, I'm sucking on some Old Commonwealth 107 proof.
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    I reached to my mid shelf, because it was the closest and pulled out a Weller tax stamp...

    Ok #1 my variety lies in which day of the week I bought my Bulleit on or which WT 101 had the shiniest label.

    I'm coming to California and setting up a tent in your back yard. I'll wait till the patio door is open and then race in to get my nightly poor!

    Does your dog bite?

    Of course I realize you have been at this a day or two longer than me. Hopefully, one day I will be able to post comparable posts. Until then, I am Kelly green with envy

    By the way tonight's pour (and enjoying it immensely), 2006 Rittenhouse rye BIB with fingerprints on the bottle.

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    P.S. I'm having a Butterfinger with it

    Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take... but by the moments that take your breath away. 11/25/2004

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    Thumbs up

    A couple of small pours of Old Fitz BIB, Maker's, and Four Roses Small Batch. All were very, very good. But, the Four Roses continues to amaze me. There is so much to this whiskey, that I can't begin to describe it. Floral nose, and a hit of licorice, and, and, and. This one may become the 9th bourbon in my top 5!
    Well done Four Roses!


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    Wedding Anniversary

    ....And the bar had WT RR 101, 2 very nice pours neat. Wife had a split of Moet Chandon White Star.
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    evan williams (regular black label, not the 7yr.) with coca cola black.
    i usually drink cc black with OGD BIB 100, but i'm out. very good when i want a drink, but dont want to drink my whiskey strait.
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    WT 12 year export version, later sometime soon I'll write about my impressions on the differences between the 3 predominant versions of the 12 year turkeys and how different they seem to be... This one it seems really has a nose that doesn't match it's palate. Pretty decent pour for the duty free price that I paid.

    Earlier tonite it was one of the many great values around $20, Buffalo Trace. A worthy and elegant looking everyday pour.

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    Wild Turkey Rare Breed, I hadn't know how much I missed it, probably Eagle Rare 10 next, but we'll see.

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