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    Re: What Bourbon Are You Drinking Now? (Fall Edition 06)

    Quote Originally Posted by fog View Post
    WT RR 90, for breakfast. For some reason, this bourbon tastes best to me in the morning.
    All set for New Year's Eve, I see.

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    Re: What Bourbon Are You Drinking Now? (Fall Edition 06)

    It is an ice storm here in Kansas City. The State of Missouri is in a state of emergency and they are calling out the national guard. I did manage to go to Walmart, Lowe's and Aldi's even though the weather is rough. Because I am camping in, I figured I'd have a little and I have this bottle of Very Old Barton 86 proof. It is really nice whiskey. I got a new job in Knoxville TN starting February 1. I guess they sell this in TN right? I like this VOB better than Elmer T. Lee.



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