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    Mashbill - Most Generous Bourbonian

    I would like to place in nomination Bill 'Mashbill' Legge for the award of Most Generous Bourbonian. His big simle and equally big heart were a great joy. He gave gifts of fine bourbon (nothing cheap) and he also opened a good many additional bottles to stock our 'Embassy Bar' providing about half of the bottles on the table.

    He also took the time to take our newest Bourbonians, Chris & Kris Giammarco, out to L & G for a tour.

    We all made our contributions, and that is one of the finest hallmarks of Bourbonians.

    Mashbill went beyond the call of duty and deserves to be recognized. HUZZAH!

    Linn Spencer

    Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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    Re: Mashbill - Most Generous Bourbonian

    Thanks for the nomination, but I wouldn't feel right accepting it.

    Too many people shared some very special bourbons not to mention their time and expertise. If anyone deserves the title of Most Generous Bourbonian, then it is Ken Weber and Buffalo Trace Distillery.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.kc.rr.com/mashbill/>http://home.kc.rr.com/mashbill/</A>

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    Re: Mashbill - Most Generous Bourbonian

    I can see your point about Ken but, I do want to go on the record that you also gave of your time to help set up for the Oscar Getz Academy and for that I thank you.
    Mike Veach



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