As a recovering chain-smoker I find such restraint unfathomable. My habit was such that I smoked cigs, cigars and pipes from sunup to sundown. If it weren't for sleep, showering, sex and sustanence, I would have smoked 60/24/7.

At a rate of four bowls a year you may not finish breaking in your first pipe while I'm still alive to hear about it.

Such intervals remind me of a monk joke.

The monks took a vow of silence, but with one exception. Each year before the start of lent one monk was allowed to stand at dinner and utter one sentence. Needless to say, their conversational skills became rusty.

One year a monk stands and says, "The soup is too salty."

The next year another monk stands and says, "I think it's just right."

The third year a monk stands and says, "If you two don't stop the constant bickering, I'm going someplace else for some peace and quiet."

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield