This is the bottling that KBD did for Doug and his buyers group. As posted elsewhere, the package is impressive including the coat of arms on the front label. It's a straight Kentucky rye whiskey, 136.7 proof and aged 22 years.

In the glass (or bottle), it is extremely dark. I wanted to compare color to other extra aged whiskey, but have no similar aged whiskies at this proof. On the nose its rye spice but not the wood I was expecting from a whiskey this old. This first impression follows through on the tongue....rye spice on steroids, not too much wood.....and very balanced. No angular musty or earthy tastes at all....just rich rye flavors from start to finish. Its a keeper. The closest thing it resembles to me is the Old Time Rye 12 that Julian sold years ago......but this one is richer and cleaner tasting.