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    Cool My dusty bottle finds

    This being an ABC state, I don't get many opportunities to find "dusty bottles" in the stores. But today, I got some very pleasant surprises.

    You see, my wife was making me clean up my room. In a very dusty corner, I found a few brown paper bags. I knew they were bottles of bourbon, but I was very pleased to find a bottle of Kentucky Spirit and another of Old Grand Dad 114. I also found two bottles of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon from 2002, but those are unforgetable, so I knew they were there.

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    I have done similar things. My fav is knowing you have a bottle and then finding out it's much older than you thought. Like finding that one of my bottles was a UDV Old Charter 12yo instead of the BT version I thought it was.
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    We are about to move house, and my wife made me pack my bourbons up today. When I got them all out of the cupboard, she thought it was just ridiculous! She said I was "obsessed". I'd like to see what she would say to some of the people on here who have bunkers that make my collection look like a quiet Saturday afternoon

    I also got a bit of a surprise when I found a EWSB 1990 lurking at the back of the cupboard with a pour left in it....

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