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    NYC Bourbon Tasting


    The bourbons tasted will be Maker's Mark, Bulleit, Hirsch, Pappy Van Winkle, Blanton's and Knob Creek. Don't know the ages on the Hirsch and VW.

    Food will include bacon-wrapped oysters, truffled grilled cheese sandwiches, spiced & curried nuts, prociutto, foie gras & fig rolls, clams casino...

    Poets are David Lehman, Mark Bibbins, and Matthew Yeager.

    Sounds like a good Sunday evening to me. I'm taking my girl.

    "This is the real article. It is double-rectified busthead from Madison County, aged in the keg. A little spoonful would do you a power of good."

    -True Grit by Charles Portis

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    Damn close to the the 45th Parallel
    Mike, that sounds like a spledid way to spend a Sunday Evening! Have a good time, wish I could be there...

    "everybody defamates from miles away
    but face to face
    they haven't got a thing to say"



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