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    bourbon most often drank?

    i really dont mean to sound like a survey here, but i really cant believe this one aint on sb.com. suppose i drink more evan williams single barrel, old gran dad BIB, knob creek and wild turkey 101 than anything else. although i really like elijah craig 12 and 18. also WT rare breed. kind of a long list, but i usually got most of these opened up in the cabinet.
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    I mostly drink Pappy's 20-year. I also have a bottle of each of the following:
    • EC 18 Year
    • Booker's
    • Maker's Mark
    • Black Maple Hill 14-year
    • Vintage 21- year
    • Pappy's 23-year
    • BT Experimental French Oaked
    • BT Experimental Double Barrelled
    • BT Experimental Firebox
    I haven't opened the BT Experimentals yet. I like all the others!
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    I currently have about 59 open right now.

    I reach for these the on a repeated basis (the most):

    Rittenhouse Rye 100 BIB
    OGD BIB 100
    VWFRR lot"H"
    AAA 10yo

    These are not generally speaking my favorites. I like all of them very much. This type of list for me is based on, a. How much do I have bunked, b. How available is it (can it be easily replaced), c. Do I have an over all liking for this product.

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    I try to keep my open bottles to a half dozen or so (but this tends to rise and fall) There is almost always a bottle of VROHH 10yo and some bottling of OC as well as a rye (currently Saz Jr). There's always a wheater too. These may not always be the fastest to be emptied in the stash, but they're always there.
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    I'm fairly new to bourbon, but have a few open bottles at the moment:
    I drink WT101 the most (usually mixed). On the rocks I usually choose Evan Williams SB 95. I also currently have open bottles of WT Rare Breed, Buffalo Trace and my newest acquisition, EC 18.

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    The ones I drink the most are the ones I enjoy the most:

    Pappy's 15
    Pappy's 20
    Pappy's 10/107 (notice a trend here?)
    Hirsch 16
    RR 101
    ER 10yr SB


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    I've consumed more Russell's Reserve (101 and 90) than any other bourbon.

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    To me, variety is the spice of life. So, I have dozens of bottles open, and I go to nearly all of them with regularity. Right now, the most hittable would be the Very Rare Old Heaven Hill 10yr. and the Very Old Barton 100.

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    I've got a bunch open, but would guess that I drink more OGD 114 than anything else.


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    Most often I drink Fighting Cock 103 or Wild Turkey 101. There is almost always a bottle of either of those in my stash and Iíve probably consumed more Fighting Cock 103 than any other spirit. On the weekends I typically go for the top shelf stuff but I keep it pretty varied so that these bottles are around to be enjoyed for a while.

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