Had a strange experience with a bottle of Saz Jr. I've enjoyed this whiskey in the past and was enjoying the bottle I opened about four weeks ago. But last week, when I used it in a cocktail, I found the drink had a musty taste that was not at all to my liking. At first I put it down to the interaction of the various elements in the mix, but tonight I had a pour of the rye straight. Sure enough, that musty, earthy taste again. Not pleasant and, more important, something I had not noticed in the flavor before. To my palate, rye tends to carry more "leather" notes than bourbon, but this was something I hadn't encountered before. It was so pronounced that I ended up dumping the remainder of the glass.

Has anyone had a similar experience? And don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Saz whiskeys. Can't wait to get my lips on some Handy.

Just wondering, as I sip some WT 12 to right all wrongs.