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That actually sounds likely, Doug. I'm going to try out another bottle and get to the bottom of it, so to speak.

BTW, how does the Handy compare to your older barrel proof rye?


That is a tough question...I'll say this...

These whiskies are only similar because they are Rye's...they are from different times and makers...no problem tasting the difference...but one is not "better" than the other...whiskies at this level of quality are only "different"...I'm sure there will be times where I will prefer one over the other... (Mood, food, etc)...in the same way you wouldn't drink the same wine with every meal...Variety, man, variety...

The word "Compare" is so subjective...question is, at what level?

Price...Handy wins!...hell, everyone else wins...Is there a more expensive rye out there today?

Taste...well, that gets very subjective...but I'll say this...when you get ready to sample the Willet, do it barefoot...it'll knock your socks off...even after you water it to a more palatable proof, the flavors go on forever...

Availability...even with a full barrels'werth, not too much to go around....

Bang-for-the-buck...depends on how many bucks you got...everyone's price point is different, I read about folks driving across town to save two bucks on the next purchase of whatever...doubt they'd be interested in a 165 dollar bottle of anything. For me it boils down to "affordable luxury"...even if I was paying full retail, I'd still bunker up on this one.

FYI...This is not the last one of these to get in on...LeNell is bottling a 23yo that should be a stunner (BTW LeNell, congratulations on your label approval!) I haven't sampled hers' yet, but it's from the same provenance as the Willet Estate 22yo, just a year older.

We could compare anything else...the list is endless...what's on your mind?

John's tasting notes in Malt Advocate are pretty reliable and would be useful for general comparison, leaving the finer points for us or anyone to arm-wrestle over. But, it's like anything else, you put two people in the same room, with the same whisky, a piece of paper and pen...the notes will always be different...the bigger influences generally agreed upon, the finer points based on the perception or influences of the moment.