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    BOTM, 11/06: Jim Beam

    The last couple of months have focused on the staples of a few of our fine KY distilleries (i.e. Maker's Mark and WT101.) With some input from esteemed forum members I thought it a good idea to continue this theme a bit further. This month we're going mainstream with the best-selling boourbon of all time:

    Jim Beam While Label.

    While this brand typically does not garner a connoisseur's praise, numbers don't lie, and at 5 million cases per year sold, it can't be all that bad. Some may not realize that Jim Beam white has two iterations: the standard 4yo and a longer-aged 7yo. Discussion this month will include both variations and I would like to encourage comparative tastings.

    Use this opportunity to put aside pre-conceived notions and re-taste this classic bourbon with an open mind!

    Sound off
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