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    I have been holding off on this post for a while. Jim Beam is what first got me into bourbon. Scratch that, Hank Jr. singing about Jim Beam is what got me into bourbon. I started drinking JB as a shot, or mixed with Coke, and since I found this website I haven't dranken it since. I expound (proper grammar?) my horizons and have been busy trying other stuff in the meantime. Tonight, I revisited my ole' friend.

    I found this to be much more palatable than what I was expecting. It was quite a bit easier to drink than I recall (perhaps my bottle of Booker's or GTS had something to do with that). The flavors are not that complex, nor are they boring. I was satisfied with this drink. It was not bad, but it was not great either.

    I think that I have not given JB the fair evaluation that it deserves, and I think a lot of others are in the same boat. This is NOT bad whiskey. This bottle will be in my stash at all times from now on.

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    I will admit that while I don't drink the ye old White Label anymore. I have, nearly all of us have at one time or another and it gave us our first baby steps into the hall of Bourbon Greats. Jim Beam White is the top seller of Jim Beam disterilly and provides much of the revenue geneated by a giant, that now produces many gems as well. We all do owe a debt to this White Labeled giant for ushering us into a great pasttime we all no and love. So tonight, I'll raise my glass to Jim Beam. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajrows
    Well, it just so happens that when I was at the liquor store today I bought 1L of Jim Beam white label for use at a party. After I got home I found this thread and figured why not join the forum and post my tasting thoughts on the Jim Beam White Label. As a warning I have very little qualitative tasting experience. Though I have had a few good bourbons before (Van Winkle).

    This first thing that struck me was how weak the smell was when compared with many of the other bourbon's I've had.

    In terms of the taste, it was very soft, kind of sweet, and actually decently smooth. There wasn't much in the way of a fade. It sort of just came and went and that was it until the next sip.

    It definitely wasn't the worst tasting whiskey I've ever had (read: I'm a college student) nor was it anywhere near the best. But, it will get the job done tonight and it will do it quite well.

    Nice post, Andrew. Welcome aboard. Ah...to be in college in the fall...on a liquor run before a party...brings back great memories! My advice to you would be to stay in college as long as you can (that is, if you specifically are not paying for it) Nothing wrong with a 6 or 7 year plan. It may curtail the quality of whiskey you'll be able to afford, but it beats shleppin for The Man. BTW, what college?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman
    As I understood the concept initially, the idea of BOTM was not to choose the "best" each month, given too that many of us know what the best is and there is a finite number of "best" brands, but a broad range of whiskeys so we scope out all there is to know and maybe find some surprises, confirm preconceptions, whatever.

    Cheers, Gary, to an inspiring post!

    Iīd hoped to add my own musings this weekend but my local liquor store only had the 700 ml in stock. I bottled out, so to speak, and instead asked them to restock the 350 ml. After reading your post, maybe I should have stuck with the larger bottle?

    I agree completely with your thoughts about the nature of the BOTM-thread. Maybe the differences in attitude comes down to the fact that people here are at different stages of their bourbon exploration?

    Those who are relatively new to the game might feel that stuff like Beam white is history - something that they have left behind? The ones with many years behind them, on the other hand, have possibly developed a more, erm, academic approach towards bourbon and whiskey in general? I for one, often lament the fact that most of the "everyday" bourbons are unavailable to me. I have, for instance, never laid my eyes on a bottle of Ten High.

    There must be something to it, methinks. Surely, a small bottle of Beam white canīt have a devastating effect on oneīs budget?
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    A lot of it is psychological for me. Like a few other states out there, we have limited offerings. JB is readily available, WT, Maker's Mark, etc. The challenge of finding things that are not readily available or that are not made any more and then tasting them is a substantial part of the entertainment.

    I don't feel like I'm being a liquor snob, but in the back of my mind I know I can walk over to the shelf and pick these up anytime. So getting myself to do it is a challenge. I've already begun to pick up a few, but at a snails pace.

    Last fall was an eye opener for me at Bettye Jo's. During the tasting, I came to realize I needed to try and back track and try some of the bourbons that I can get here. The only time I tried any WT bourbon product was there (except the rye which I have tried here). I've never tried Bookers, Knob creek, Maker's Mark, and the list could go on.

    To my credit since Bettye Jo's, I've tried OGD BIB and love it. I have a bottle of JB black here and will pick up a 50ml of the white and do a side by side in the next few days. It's difficult though, especially with this particular brand, because unlike many here, I feel like this one is what kept me away from Bourbon for many years.

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    During this years sampler ( 2006) I had a drink of Beam White from their table, I think it was the 4 but it could have been the 7. I think this is a great BOTM, Jeff.
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    This brand is also what got me started drinking bourbon, and at the time, it was better than drinking cheap beer in a can(I was in college back then). I have had the 7yr. and Black label as well as the Bonded 100 proof that no longer is sold. While black label is my favorite, I must admit there are much worse brands that could occupy your glass than JB white!


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    The BOTM for me was always about tastimg something new. Lately I have had many of the botlles or had tasted them before. I have had my share of this month's selction. I would drink it in "a pinch" also. If it indeed does pull the freight so that Beam can continue to do what they do, I should buy it anyway.
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    Obnoxious call on the White Label Jeff!

    If nothing else, the feedback will be interesting and entertaining, and won't result in a hideous love fest.

    Two admissions: I haven't had any JB in quite a while. I also don't care for the line, there is some element of the family flavor profile that stikes me wrong.

    So in the interest of fairness I went out and picked up some white and black label.

    White Label (4yo): The nose is very fruity and reminds me of white dog (spirit fresh off the still). The flavor is sweet and raw. It continues to remind me of white dog. The finish has flavors of cinnamon and perhaps the tiniest hint of chocolate. This isn't a BAD bourbon, but it isn't very charming either.

    I followed up with a glass of black label. Much better! This would be fine for bar drinking or a travel bottle.

    I still prefer AAA or HH BIB 10yo, and they cost less.

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    I came rather late to JB White (in the form of a 50 ml mini before it became BOTM). I'd say it isn't my favorite, but it is certainly drinkable, and I think it would make a good cocktail whiskey. I'd much rather pony up the extra bucks for the Black, or other bourbons in that general price range, but I wouldn't turn down a drink if offered.

    I guess I've been spoiled by the other whiskeys I've had.
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