Hello all,

I've been quietly lurking for a while, but figured it was time I stepped up and started to participate. I have two questions about Wild Turkey 12 year-old bourbon -- I used the search function, but could not find clear answers. I hope I'm not being blockheaded.

A colleage of mine just got back from Japan and presented me with a bottle of 12 year-old, 101 proof Wild Turkey as a gift (I'm starting to talk about bourbon a lot, I guess). I was wondering if this is the same bourbon that was previously sold in the States as WT 12 -- i.e. the same proof, etc? I've seen many references to the discontinued WT 12 on this board, but don't know why it was apparently pulled from the market in the US. It seems like the US-issue WT 12 was very highly regarded among members of this board, and I was just curious if I came into a bottle of identical bourbon, or if it's different, as an export version.

I was very touched by the gift. The only heartbreaker is that the bottle is 700 ml, not the standard 750 ml. Not that I'm complaining.