I have been drinking bourbon for about 40 years. Got turned on to it in the 60's when I was going through flight school in Pensacola.
I keep several of bottles open and don't think the super premiums are $30 dollars a bottle better than WT101. What I do miss is that ol' SW Rebel Yell. Even when I was 23 years old I knew that was some very good shit. So did Keith Richards, my hero.
Anyway, to get to my point. Regardless of price, my favorite is WT101 which I can buy for 14 bucks (750ml) every 3 weeks on sale at Rite Aid. I would gladly pay at least $20 for it, and will probably have to when I move to Colorado next year.
But here is my thing, and I feel like a bastard at a family picnic. When it comes to a 90 proof pour, I like George Dickel. I drink my whiskey over the rocks. I like Manhattans but I use MM for that, still over the rocks. Cocktail hour doesn't last long enough drinking "up". What do you all think of George Dickel #12? Thanks, Ricardo