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    Traveling Through Kentucky

    I will be visiting the inlaws in Clarksville TN, near Ft. Cambell for Thanksgiving. Can anyone recommend a store with a good selection of bourbons in that area. I hope to pickup a few bottles that I never see up in here in the frozen north to help me through the winter.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    A place to stop

    If you are coming down I-75, as you get south of Lexington, get off at Man-O-War (exit 113 I think), head west and you will find a Liquor Barn within a half mile on the left. You might ask a manager if you are looking for something specific and don't find it. They are known to carry some items "off the shelf". Have a good trip!
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    Likewise if you're coming down I-75, take the first exit in KY just after you cross the Ohio river from Cincinnati. The Cork n' Bottle is just to your left off the exit. They have a great selection of bourbons (and any other type of alcohol you might be interested in).



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