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    A not-so-rum blend

    Out of boredom -- and some dissatisfaction with available choices caused by such boredom -- I tried my hand at one of Gary's 'complex' blends tonight, though I did it in an admittedly simple manner: I took an ounce each of the rums I had available and combined them in a decanter.
    Included are:
    • Angostura 1919 8yo
    • Cruzan Diamond Estate 5yo
    • El Dorado Demerara 5yo
    • Old Nassau dark
    • Pyrat's Planter's X.O.
    • Angostura 5yo dark

    The nose has much the 'Juicy Fruit gum' of the Planter's X.O., but the palate shows a fair amount of the wood from the 1919 and El Dorado.
    My intention was to tinker after tasting -- but I like it well enough as is that I may just add more similar proportions to the decanter.

    (Hmmm -- it strikes me that I forgot to include some 95.5-proof Pusser's I have. I may have to tinker, after all.)

    Postscript: Added the Pusser's, which influenced the blend with a 'blackstrapiness'. Not bad, but I think I preferred it without.
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