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Thread: Talisker 18

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    Thumbs up Talisker 18

    Recently after months of searching, I tracked down a bottle of Talisker 18 and I really love it. I've always been a big fan of the 10, but I've never had any other vintages. The 18 is really superb. It's much smoother and sweeter than the 10, but with the same knockout punch at the very end and the pepper lingers for minutes. It's a wonderful whisky and at the store I located it at, the 18 was only about 6-7 dollars more than the 10, well worth the addition cost.

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    Indeed, Talisker 18 is well worth the modest price premium, and the 10 is no slouch. If I hadn't just blown my budget on a complete BTAC set, I'd get a bottle...
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    In a strange quirk, my favorite local store for single malt has the 18 for $5 less than the 10.



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