While I was out this afternoon picking up some photo reprints and enlargements of the Bourbon Festival for Jim Butler and Chuck Cowdery, I also picked up a small tin of 10 small cigars. Partagas Puritos. Never had them before.

When I got home I opened a fresh bottle of Blanton's and fired up one of those mini-Partagas cigars. Damn good paring.

I then dug out my (now very old, but still very good) Fender Studio Bass Amplifier. 200 watts R.M.S. of all tube power into a massive cast frame 15" Electeo-Voice speaker. This baby not only talks the talk, but will make you walk the walk.

After pouring out a large glass from a freshly opened bottle of Blanton's, I fired up one of those Partagas minis. Then I pulged up the amp and broke out Ella Guru. Those of you that are familiar with Cap'n Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica " don't have to ask.

So Blanton's; Partagas, a finely made custom left-handed 1976 Fender Precission Bass and 200 watts of Fender Power. It was awesome and I do hope the neighbors apppreciated it, as it was quite loud even though I had her throttled back to "4". Put this bitch in a tightly packed club and turn her up to 7 then you're gonna hear some very serious blues bass. So Bloody Deep it WILL move your bowels!

Enjoy the real things in life - A good woman, and good bourbon, a good cigar, and a good piece of music that you really feel deep down inside. It's what's up front that counts.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.