I'm a huge fan of the Handy Rye. Like Hedmans, and unlike Leif, my experience with this rye is all positive. I thought it fit in with the rest of the BTAC very well, holding up to Stagg and WLW quite well. Unlike the rest of the BTAC clan it is younger, but given its quality more than makes up for it.

My impressions include lilac, caramel and spice on the nose, then caramel, leather, tobacco, mint, spice (including, but not limited to cinnamon) for the palate. An enormous finish, not quite as much of a freight train as the Willet, but it's up there.

Just describing the flavors and aromas doesn't do it justice. Straight, it is very hot, and probably the most teeth-kicking, throat-grabbing whiskey I've ever had. It has the ability to take control of your consciousness.

Of course, that's because I was drinking it neat. I should try it at a lower proof, or even with ice, but I love that barrel-proof kick so much I never get around to it. The only time I don't drink it neat is when I cut it with baby Saz at a 50-50 split for something a little more civilized.

If I'm not mistaken, is that just about the same thing as cutting it with water?