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    A quick intro from NYC

    I joined this forum a few months ago after returning from a visit to Japan looking for the IW Harper brand in the States.

    Prior to joining, I've had several bourbons since I work a few blocks from one of the best whiskey retailers in NYC (LeNells). My first bottles were the 1849 and the Wellers Centennial. Then I moved onto the EC18 and the ER 101. I've tasted others and at the moment the Pogue stands out.

    I currently have four (half empty) bottles in my bar... Pure Kentucky, 1849, EC18, and Black Maple Hill. I just purchased three other bottles today... Wellers Centennial, ER 101, and the Rittenhouse 21 so I won't feel bad finishing off the other four bottles.

    I also enjoy scotches particularly from the Islay region. My two favorites are the Lagavulin 16 and the Laphroaig cask strength 10-year.

    Oh, lastly, I really enjoy pairing cigars with the bourbons and scotches.

    Anyway, hello to you all!

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    Re: A quick intro from NYC

    Well Hello to you as well. You are lucky to have such a great store down the street. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Re: A quick intro from NYC

    Howdy! (As we say out here in cowboy country.)

    I find it interesting that even though I have a few dozen bourbon/rye bottlings on hand, you've managed to acquire four that I've never had the opportunity to sample or buy -- even in the L.A. area before I moved to the outback two years ago.

    You'll be happy to know that I won't be competing with you to acquire either of the scotches you mentioned. Of the single malts I've tried only Highland Park 12 y/o comes close to making me shell out the big bucks to buy it again. I also enjoy Famous Grouse and JW black; I even consider the FG a good value for the money (around $18 here), a rarity for me where scotch is concerned.

    Welcome aboard!

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

    Dog Lover, Euphonium Player, Campfire Guitarist, Marksman,



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