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    Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    When I started at Kinsey in the Yard gang about one yr later we started the project of removing all the Metal barrel racks from the Explosion proof Warehouses. The contracter that removed them just cut the welds with a welder torch and then we would haul them to a wagon we had behind a farm tractor and take them to the steer pens were we would put them in big piles. When I was bumped and went to the warehouses They were just starting to refill the warehouses all the racks were out of. The Barrels were really big not sure how many gal but we would use a lift and stack them it two of us to roll them across the pile on the second level and to stand them up. They all stood on their bottom instead of on their side like the old ones. when they were ready to be emptied they would put a long hose and pump the whiskey out and run it into the trouth. Or or later into a big Tank where it could go to the bender or straight Bourbon lines. It was a big difference from when I started and all the wearehouses were full of regular I think 40 gal barrels. The big Barrels leaked very badly and the Coopers cused alot about them. They lost lots of whiskey in leakage, the floors were always getting wet!
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