Just a quick note on the Publicker / Continental Site I wish they would answer my E mails as I could tell them alot they do not know about the Place but they have never wrote back. I wanted to tell them about when the Still shut down as they seemed to think that it never ran when Publicker owned it, but It shut down in 1951 my 90 year old Friend Ludy told me all about that and they kept it in good shape for the sake of the Grandfather laws as they had hoped to build a new still there in the future back then. If anyone Knows John and Linda tell them to write me as I would love to give them some more information! I try to get as much out about the place as I can and it was trurely an amazing place in the old days a power House of a Company that was very inovative! I wish I could take every one back in time to see the place in the fall of 1969 one of our biggest years with box cars of Whiskeys leaving everyday and truck after truck till about a week or so before Christmas! There were People everywhere working and we were the safest Distillery in our time! And thanks to Si Neuman barrels were reused for Scotch as He was the first to ask the Government about doing that and next American Distillers and all the others, that was inovation! Something that was done over there but not here back then.
Dave Z
Old Hickory America's Most Magnificent Bourbon