I don't find the color of the new RY to be up to the standards set by the old RY. The taste has always been the entry level into wheated bourbons. I doubt that Luxco could afford to up the quality to a large degree...price hike would be soon to follow. I have seen a RY 7/91 available on a website or two. What gives with that one???
Ezra Brooks is a low price leader in Texas. They give you age and proof for a good price. There is the regular 4/80, a slightly better 4/90, a much better 7/101 and a 12 yr/99 proof available in Texas. I recommend you give the one that sounds best to you a try. It would at least give you an idea of what they are trying to go for with their bourbons.
I do think it would be nice for Luxco to use their weight and get into distilling in Ky.