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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Here's some good news, yesterday I talked to my Friends that watch the Distillery for the owner and they have got me and Fricky each a complete Rye Mash Barrel with the special nails that keep the hoops in Place and it is our plan for Fricky to finish them and seal the top to preserve the Writting on the top which says Continental Distilling 1971 Rye Mash!

    They are also going to get and bring over to their Home the Old Original Sign that says Kinsey Distillery Pa Distillery #10 Linfield Pa. I am going to give it to the Historic society if they want it or will keep it myself to save History!

    Ludy Told me the Sign is a very Special thing as It was mounted on the front of DSP-Pa-12 when Mr Kinsey still ran it and I now do remember where it was mounted when the still stood!

    With the things going on at work I have not gotten my other electrified Power switches back I got from Kinsey yet from the Contractor at work but he said early this week before he leaves for good too!

    I was very Blessed that I was never laid off when I worked at Kinsey and never on strike either! Those were the days My Friends! Whiskey Flowing like rivers into and out of the Bottle House in 1966 Rivers of Old Hickory Straight Bourbon.

    I am going to see how warm it gets today and I may just take a walk at Kinsey have not been there for 3 weeks plus!

    I have not heard from my Friend that was a top EX at Publicker since right before Christmas I left him a message.

    I will if I get there take a few snow pictures of the Plant My Friend told me he was securing doors on the Old Bottle House and he said it was so dam cold in there his breath looked like a cloud.

    I am very Glad I still have my Job! It is not like the Kinsey Days of just going to work and not even thinking of being out of work.
    Dave Z
    It Seems All The Nicest people Drink Old Hickory
    America's Most Magnificent Bourbon
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