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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    I decided to go to Kinsey again Tuesday Just can't walk around there enough. And took a few more pictures.
    1. & 2. I finally took Pictures of the Big Tanks from behind as i could walk back there all the weeds have died down.
    3. & 4. & 5. I took a picture of one of the regular Fire Escapes and then 2 of the Fire Tower to show the difference.
    6.Here is the Back of a Bourbon Supreme Case of 1.75 Lt bottles note Filled Dsp-pa-12
    7. here is one of the round back grip Bottles I have a blue print for the design of this bottle from when Continental Had them made by Diamond glass
    8. Front of Bourbon Supreme Box
    9. Where one of the giant Steer Pens used to be
    10. Old small guard shack at firsrt steer Pen on the left side going to the Kinsey House
    11. Here is a Large shack that used to have a coal heater in it I think it was used when they took care of the steers they could stay down there and keep warm
    12. The Road down to the Kinsey House near the river
    13. Close up of the Back Water Tower the trees have been cut around it
    14. Leaving the Plant I took a shot from near the woods of the Warehouses running down from O Warehouse

    I always love walking there and can't go enough while itis still there i want to save whatever I can for History be it picturres or stuff.
    Dave Z
    It Seems All The Nicest people Drink Old Hickory
    America's Most Magnificent Bourbon
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