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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Wish i could Paint but can not! I was at Kinsey for 4 hrs yesterday giving a tour to a man,woman and her son. They were amazed at the size of the place. I also got her to take a couple of pictures inside the big grain silo as I could not crawl through without getting Poison Ivy but she could so she took some great shots inside I will post tonight.

    Her Husband knows alot about stainless and told me the two big Tanks in the middle of the Plant are 40 feet hight he could tell by the number of sections put together and He knew how big each section was.

    The Tanks were built by Chicago Tank, Bridge & Iron Company in 1960 so the steel Plate states on each one. Can any one who lives out that way tell me are they still in Bussiness?

    We also found looking around what each of the two tanks capacity was and they each held 499,022 Gals 78 gal. short of Half a million of spirits each for storage meaning that when the broshure spoke of storing from 2,000 to 1 Million it meant just one thing Item and that did not count the two big tanks out back or the many tanks outside and inside the Bottle House or the many tanks in warehouse's P & I which have several 2,000 Gal tanks. So I am guessing that all tanks filled including the two tanks that used to be in the woods which in the borshure are also giant that we had close to 2 million gals of tank storeage there.

    Here again is a picture of one of the two stainless tanks. I never really relised how much spirits could be stored there till I went back on these walks through. We had unlimitted capacity I am going to have to look through my Papers for out put in the Big Bottle house. I also got another 80 to 100 year old light bulb from the Old bottle House the ladys son was very tall and was able to reach up and get me one and I showed hiom how to get the explosion proof cover off so he could get a bulb to they were the last two old ones there from the 1930's Edison style.

    I took them down to the Old Kinsey House near the river it is sad how it going down and the top of the barn fell in and we discovered the Barn had a slate roof on it.

    We spent 4 great hours walking and studing things I also took some shots one up through an old hollow wood piller that came from the grian bin above in the Grain finishing building and insside the worm trough that went out to the #12 still. I will post them tonight also.
    Kinsey The Richest Whiskey Of All
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