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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Well for anyone going to the Social There will be free 1960's/1970's Patented Continental Distilling Pourers and 30 yr old Vintage Coldstream British Gin Bottle diplay toppers as I was able to meet Fricky Yesterday after Work and give them to him to give out with the Skol Vodka Labels I gave him to give out too! And a Full 32 yr old Bottle of Peanut Lolita liquor to taste! Working For Publicker it seemed they always had something neat to give to customers and Liquor Stores for them and their Patrons!

    These Pourer's work very well if you have a bottle out you are drinking and when done just pop them out and cap your bottle, they are made to fit different Sizes as they have little ribs that get bigger as they go up they are cone shapped and I use one all the time saves you from seeing your Bourbon drip on the table!

    The Bottle toppers were used at the Liquor store to show the price of Product and Coldstream was Our Biggest selling Gin!
    I remember Well the tops of the cases Of Skol Vodka saying "Don't Say Vodka Just Say Skol"
    We had so many slogans for our Products and untill Mr Neuman Died we were one of the most Inavantive Companys around in those days.
    Everytime I go back to Kinsey I just can't Believe it has come to such an end.

    I hope by the next time you have a Social in the fall to have some other Publicker goodies to send down because there is no better way to save History then to give out vintage stuff from there to people who will pass it on some day to someone else so it is always worth my going and getting on my Knees or climbing whatever to save things for History.

    Fricky Also Has a set of Uncut Tax strips to give to the Getz from me for history and I have through the yrs shipped them 13 bottles and other things and I hope to send some good stuff down in the fall to them!

    It seems anymore that I am the last person to write about pa Distillerys and I will keep Publicker/ Continental Distilling and Kinsey Alive while I am here to do it!
    Dave Z
    It Seems All the Nicest People Drink Old Hickory
    America's Most magnificent Bourbon
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