Well Yesterday I took my normal Sunday walk through Kinsey and also got the parts I needed to make Explosion proof switch & Pilot light setups for Fricky and my Buddy Don. My friend at work Paul is wiring them for me plus one last one for me. This project is now complete and I will soon post pictures of the 7 sets I have in my office all parts from the distillery and even some have 50 yr old Bulbs from the plant in them.

While there I routed through some paper work which I will look through tonight if I feel better as I have a very bad Prostrate infection and everything hurts bad.

I was in about 4 of the buildings and took a couple of Pictures of cases of Bottles falling over in Warehouse R after sitting stacked for 30 yrs.
It is really sureal for me every time I go there as it all just does not seem possible. But Kinsey like many other things is now just a place where everything is old and ruined and out of date.

I found my friend at work the last Pinwinnie card board Whiskey case there that was new and never put together and made it up and gave it to him with a nice Philadelphia Blended Whiskey Trade show bottle for this round of his help wiring the switches.

It was a very windy day and some of the sounds you hread if you did not know the place would be scary. Doors to the roof wide open slaming open and shut moaning strange sounds coming through the buildings broken stairwells windows. Even the Elevator fire door in warehouse I shaking and sounding weird.

It was a most beautiful day on Sunday and the river breezes were blowing up through the plant, and like in old times made it a very Pleasant place to be. It was cold in the buildings and they are getting so bad that I fear no one will ever use them for anything again. I could almost feel the Distillery crying saying woe is me for no one wants or needs me or even remembers me.

And I felt very Sad and wished I could return her to the glory that she once had as America's Most Beautiful Distillery. Such is life things and people grow old and go. But as long as I can remember Kinsey she & Publicker and Si Neuman will live on!

This morning I was preparing the Pilot lights and took one of the Lens out to clean it and saw some silver Paint on it and it took me back to Charlie Siepler as He would have been the one to touch up the paint on the Electrical Headers on the walls. We painted and kept up everything and Charlies job was keeping thing nice and painted and working and looking good. I could see the Old Buggy of His in my Mind racing to the building to touch up signs and docks and everything.

How I loved watching him rocket out of the gain drying building in the morning banging gears and spinning wheels. And that old 100 HP Flat head motor sounding great!

I am very blessed to have worked there the few years I did and met the people I did some after all these years still living and being my friends.

We live in such a different world today, those days were of a hopeful happy time and people glad for their jobs and content with their Lives. We had a team spirit working in the plant and work was a happy and good time for us back then!
Dave Z
It Seems All The Nicest people drink old Hickory
America's Most Magnificent Bourbon