During my time at the WWII Air show I found out something that amazed me. The one Old Vet that had been stationed in Hawaii and when he was there after The Pearl Harbor attack they were running out of food so they asked Dole if they could give the men some fruits to hold them over till they could pay them and they refused completely The old Timer said he never bought any of their stuff to this very day.

The reason I am writting this is to show the difference in Companies! Publicker not only supplied Liquor to the troops but also free of charge too! Also as I have said many times they raised Steers at Kinsey down back and all the cattle that were fed the Mash were then donated to the service men to eat.
Continental Distilling / Publicker Industries was always very Proud to be an American Company and Mr Neuman was very Proud to be the Chairman of an American Company.

There is a railroad Museum in Strasburg Pa on the way to Lancaster Pa

There is a very Old Clock in a tower there that came from the old Market Street Station in Phila.
When the Station was being torn down in 1952 Mr Si Neuman bought the Clock and saved it from being thrown away. He stored it in Warehouse U from 1952 which became the 1966 Bottling House till He died with the hope that someone would want this Historic Clock by donation. It remained there till 1982

I tracked it down and found that around 1982 6 years after He died it was donated to the Rail Museum by Publicker in Mr Neumans name which would Have made him very Happy had he knew it.

Although had he been living he would have kept his name out of it as he believed in giving and not letting anyone Know Publicly which is the way things should be. He believed the reward was in giving not letting everyone know you did!
My friend who was in a high position at Publicker has told me many times that Mr Neuman loved donating to things but did not want to let anyone know he preferred the Joy of the Giving.

Even after His death he was preserving something very special because when he was living He saved this clock and kept it there all those yrs. I remember it well sitting in the warehouse area of the 1966 Bottling house covered over to protect it. It was stored at Linfield at Kinsey for 30 yrs in the Bottling House.
Dave Z
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