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1. 12 Wood Fermenting tubs 2" wood staves, iron hooped with iron coils, inside, capacity each 8,935 1/2 gallons 55 1/2 gal per inch Nos. 1 to 12

I most likely will never be able to find out the total out put per day that the Old Dsp- Pa-12 could do but these tank capacities give you an Idea of what Mr Kinsey had going when Continental Distilling bought the whole Plant in 1940 at auction.
Dave, I can give you an idea of the throughput of the distillery based on the auction description that you have provided and making a few assumptions that would have been appropriate for alcohol production in the 1930's ...

It seems like the batch size was probably 250 bushels. The maximum output at 3 day fermentations and 365 day operations would have been about 1,800,000 proof gallons per year. More likely, they operated half 3 and half 4 day fermentations so they could do two turns of the fermenters per week ... (and not work on Sundays ... very typical) ... with a moderate summer shutdown thrown in as well. My guess is that the annual throughput was about 1,500,000 proof gallons per year ...that's about enough to support 750,000 cases per year of sales.