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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    No jono I never had a shot of Kinsey Gold I have had the silver from the Bottle Ludy Gave me and it is a very nice Blended Whiskey made with older Whiskeys in the blend but I was told by oldtimers the Gold was really a good blend. Mr Kinsey himself was a straight Rye man and I do not think he did much with Blended's.

    I think not sure that Kinsey Blended's were a tribute to him from Continental Distilling although Ludy has said he did some blending for Mr Kinsey so it could be the Gold was started by Kinsey.
    Kinsey Gold is the oldest version but I think they mostly blended Liqours back then. I would love to get my hands on a bottle of Kinsey Gold won one once 1943 bottle on E Bay and they suddenly cancelled the Auction and just said sorry.

    The fact he made mostly Straight Rye is one of the reasons that he went out of bussiness as the new blended's were much cheaper to buy and people were switching to them and away from Rye which to me is and always will be the Best! As Al told me he was of the Idea that Rye was the best and the straighter the better.

    I can almost see Mr Kinsey now in the morning getting his jiger out pouring his daily 1 oz of Rye for his health!

    I hope to talk to Al Landis again soon at the Linfield reunion and try a get some more good information on Mr Kinsey!

    I also I was thinking about how Continental always gave us coveralls to protect our Clothes when we were working they like the Coats they gave us were dark green and heavy duty. They kept all the dirt from the Hoops from ruining your shirts and pants. They were zippered so easy on and off they like our Coats and shoes came from the local work clothes store in Pottstown workmans supply long gone now just like Kinsey.

    Those as the song says were the days and we did think they would never end and all at once you wake up and its all gone just a memory but a memory of better times and good people.

    We never had to worry about wrecking our clothes and it made the job all the better that they took care of you in what ever it took to do the job.

    It was in its time and even by todays standards one of the safest cleanest places you could work, as with my job now you don't think about the chemicals as it is safer at work then many other places you could be.

    What Better could I ask then to have worked for Continental Distilling / Kinsey as my first real job and finish working for another Truely great Company in Cabot as my last job.
    Dave Z
    Kinsey The Unhurried Whiskey For unhurried Moments
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