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Well Here are the Pictures of My explosion Proof Switches and Pilot lights wired like lamps by my friend at work for my office! Since last year when I had to take my Beer can collection home I have been working toward this change in my office. There are 11 sets altogether counting 3 sets at the back. 5 sets on my desk

The last picture is of my old Model cars built when I was young. I found them intack at home and brought them to work to put in front of the Barrel Stave that Fricky did for me for my yrs of Service at Kinsey.

The Barrel stave is in the back ground surounded by my models and pictures of my Favorite English Actress. Also the clock on the right is from my 1952 Chevy Hardtop a friend at work made the holder it is a windup clock and keeps great time!

Note the Big Switch box with the big lever I worked my butt to get that one off the wall in O building and carry it out 1 1/2 miles. Many a weekend morning was spent taking these off walls to save them for History.

All the People in the office really like the Explosion proof lights and the Electrician that did them says he thinks they are most likely a one of a kind thing dreamed up by me. I tell people when they are lit I am in.

In trying to save the History of the Company I have tried my hardest to save everything I can related to daily work at Kinsey and these Explosion proof switches and lights were something I never forgot going in the Old warehouses to rack or take out Barrels you were greeted by them and the Blue Vapors of Aging Whiskey! I will always remember the awesome smell of Whiskey those days as a 19 yr old Kid working there!

Dave Z
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Great pictures Dave! I love Josephine Tewson too!