On Monday I took a walk through Kinsey from my friends House across the street. I took a 35 MM Camera with me and I also helped them seal some of the Buildings up! As always young people are going there and just smashing things it is horrible. While I was there I picked up the last of the Old Inver House Red display setups. I am taking one to the Limerick Historic Society this afternoon!

I will Post a picture of one of them soon as I got a spare one for myself. These are highly rare and were used in the early to mid 1960's to introduce Inver House Red Scotch which at that time was bottled in Scotland and brought over in one of our 10 ocean Liners.

I have no doubt that all the ones the state stores had have been in the dump since the early 1960's these were in a case that had never been opened and I put them together! You would set all the Inver House Red Plaid Scotch bottles on them in the store.

It laways hurts to see the ruin in there and Someone had even pulled up one of the Old Metal roll doors on O building so I closed it and bolted it shut.

I wish that the young people would be interested in the History of the place not ruining it.

Looking at the weeds growing everywhere and broken windows I still in my mind can see my friends working in my memory and those exciting days so long gone.

The Old Metal roll door went down like it was brand new The guys that watch the place and I tried some of the old valves on the Water Distilling room and they still turn freely!

I just wish that someone would save the Old Warehouses but for that to Happen the guy owning it would have to sell it and I think he enjoys letting it rot as He has not even stopped there since last summer.

Kinsey is just waiting for someone with some brains to make the Warehouses into Condo's The old Front buildings are doomed but the warehouses could be called the Condo's at Kinsey Distillery and you could build some apartments and Houses and call them the Homes at Publicker way! You could name the warehouse condo's after things Like Dsp -pa 12 Condo and the Continental Condo. But no one with Money thinks of these things.

When The still was still standing You could have made the Old Buildings into a living History musium. I wish so many times that I could have been rich back then and got the place from him so He could not destroy it by Leaving it in 1986 to rot! He closed it that fall shut everything down and has left it rot all these yrs while paying $400,000 a yr in taxes on it.
Dave Z
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