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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    First I am back ,Ethan and everyone, been feeling poorly and working in this heat I get very tired. When I was giving tours Sat and Sunday 3 weeks ago Mike found me a very Old Whiskey Thief in the ruins of The Old Kinsey Bottle House and I took to show Ludy. It was not the type he used but He confirmed it was a very Old Whiskey thief so Tomorrow I will take a picture of it to post. PS Jono the tunnel was a section made into a room and was between the Buildings I am standing in the dirt where it was taking the Picture of the door!

    We had alot of fun doing the tours and I hope to do more sometime.
    Pictures are
    1.&.3 a old Bag feed bag maker that fell down from the second floor of the Old Kinsey bottle House The 2 days Mike was with me He took a picture and showed his Dad who had worked there and He said that it was a bag Weaver!
    2. The Anatonic and Cathionic Tanks missing all the Pipes to them which have been stolen by the Guy who pretended He was going to buy the Place!
    I have some great Broshures I want to scan one is the 1970 Company Report which was given me by My friend who was high up in the Company.
    So I will be posting again soon. Thanks to all who were wondering if I was Ok. I love writting here and hope to do it many years yet, to keep the Memory of Publicker Alive!
    Dave Z
    It Seems All The Nicest People Drink Old Hickory
    America's Most Magnificent Bourbon
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