Pretty cool thermostat Dave. I knew you would fine one! Just a matter of time.

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I went to Kinsey Monday and Tuesday after work to get some parts and to get and restore a 1930's Minneapolis-Honeywell HEAT regulator from one of the Old Explosion Proof warehouses. I got one for myself and one for My Friend Paul who built most of my Explosion Proof Light sets. And I got the housings to put them in.

The Housing is Crouse - Hinds and the Thermostat is a rare Early Honeywell Product with their Old Original Name " Minneapolis - Honeywell" the top being made of Bakilite and metal casting, 90 % of the units are trashed but I found two that are only missing the Dust covers which would most likely have been missing many years before the Plant closed. Unlike the two switches I talked about on one of my two other threads the Things were sealed so tight it took two days and breaking the heads off the bolts in the wall to get them. Then a large Pipe wrench the remove the fixture with Chico sealent in it.
1. This is the one I restored for my friend without its housing.
2.Here is a side view of my restored Explosion Proof Thermostat complete
3. Here is an above view of my Clean Polished, marked where it came from and restored Explosion proof Thermostat from Old Explosion Proof warehouse P the same building I got my Explosion Proof Phone from. The heating range was 74 to 46.

It was never warmer then the low 40's in the winter in them and in the 40's and 50's in the summer. Monday when it was 87 degrees outside it was awesome cool in warehouse I.

Once again I am glad I thought this out aand got an example to save for History and for My Electric Maintaince friend he was thrilled with his one I got and restored for him.
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