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    Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Quote Originally Posted by callmeox View Post
    Dave, I took a dusty bottle of Old Hickory 10yo to the gazebos in Bardstown and and it was quite a popular pour. Out of the entire 750, there's about a half of a drink left. Everyone had good things to say about it and Bourbon Joe about dove over the table to get a pour.

    It was the trapezoidal bottle with the tall gold colored eagle on the cap. I think I saw an empty of the same bottle in your collection photos.

    Good stuff for sure. I'm glad I could get my hands on a piece of history like that. Thanks for giving so much background on the distillery.
    The 86 proof 10 year old, Old Hickory is my very Favorite and I hope someday to find another sealed bottle cheap somewhere. That was our biggest seller back in the day. Glad people got to try it, I have never had anyone tell me they did not think it was not a excelent flavorful Bourbon whiskey, it works with full taste in your mouth. Thanks for letting me know it makes me proud that Old Hickory is still well liked even in this day of extra filtered whiskeys, I still prefer the Old School ones!
    Dave Z
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