Jono the barrel out the window has more movement then it looks to have inside there is sort of a wide sloting on the window. As far as room it was very tight in the tail.

My Dad as I said before and many other men from our area were after coming home from the war hired by Publicker, they had a policy to hire Vets first when they could. In 1947 Publicker went on the stock market and grew to number 434 on the Fotune 500. Those first years after the war they started building the explosion proof warehouses at Kinsey in 1946 and finished all of the 14 by fall 1947 around Sept when I was born.

In 1951 Explosion Proof all purpose warehouse U someday to be the worlds biggest Bottling house was built.

The Early 1950's were good years for Continental and the Kinsey plant and they continued to Distilling At DSP-PA-12 at Kinsey till Late Spring 1951.
Dave Z
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Kinsey The Unhurried Whiskey
For Unhurried Momets