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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Quote Originally Posted by unclebunk View Post
    Your collection certainly is fantastic. I'd sure like to see it in person some day. It's like having your very own museum right there in your home!
    Unclebunk many years of looking on line and in the plant and on trips on vacaton to get the stuff and flee markets and yard sales. The first one of our bottles I ever found believe it or not was in Maine on a trip with my Mom when she was living, many years ago it was a Hallers County Fair BIB pint bottle and I bought it in skowhegan ME.

    I have been looking at yard sales and flee markets for many a year, and I have many Trade show bottles from the plant, bottles that have full labeling and a tax strip but never had anything in them.

    Also I aways try to save all kinds of different stuff to keep for History, like signs and switchs and anything that was important in operating a distillery.

    Sometimes the vandels throw things around and I find them and quickly save them. Sometimes people call me and give me stuff but what ever I can I save it. As a young man after I left Kinsey I at one time worked in a car Museum and learned everything I could, and I now use those ideas at home and in my Office at work.

    I just have a Passion to save the History of Publicker Industries / Continental Distilling and Kinsey. My friend who ran the companies world wide Marketing gave me the honor of being the official Historian of the company. I can not tell you how much that meant to me. He has been sick the last two years but I am hoping to see him this summer.
    Thanks for your interest and Kind words Unclebunk
    Dave Z
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