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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Here are some more July 1 2012 fire Pictures from Kinsey Distillery once a division of Continental Distilling and a fully owned Subsidiary of Publicker Industries back in the day!
    1. Warehouse D
    2. Looking down at Warehouses D & E standing where Dsp-pa-10 Rye Barn stood, it was torn down to get to the fire with an exavator sadly.
    3. Looking over from where the #10 Rye Barn was to the Old Kinsey Bottle House.
    4. Between these walls once stood the second of the oldest Warehouses Old Kinsey Warehouse B, it and warehouse A had no elevators but instead you used a chain hoist to lift barrels up to the racks and to pull them. see Picture 7 also for another shot of B.
    5. Sign torn from racks in what was warehouse D says section 1.
    6. This was the elevator in Warehouse E sadly Warehouse E which I was never in all these years because it still had a very large Padlock from Publicker on the only door in and no one ever cut it, was in better shape then all the rest of the old ones looking at the wood on the racks and also it still had a roof. This was the elevator I hit bottom in when someone put an extra barrel in when I wass not looking! Also the wonderful 20 year old/ Old Hickory Bourbon was made with barrels from this warehouse.
    7. This hole between the walls was Kinsey Warehouse B built in 1892.
    8. Amazingly the very First Warehouse ever built at Kinsey Warehouse A still stands, no roof but still intact.
    I will post some more in the next couple of days and be sure and look at the 5 pictures I posted on the Fire observation room thread too!

    Also for me this is like the death of a dear friend, Kinsey Distillery never deserved this and Jake Kinsey and Si Neuman would be feeling my Pain were they alive today. I loved working there I loved the Old Buildings so much and I loved the people I worked with there. THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIENDS
    Dave Z
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