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    Post Re: My Memories of Kinsey Distilling

    Well here are some pictures from the trip to Kinsey Sunday afternoon with Ethan & Gretchen & their friend Eric. Also a picture of Publickers Butadiene Plant.
    1. Publickers Butadiene Plant where they made butadiene during WWII. Neither I or Butch who worked for them in Phila even knew of this plant. I think most likely it was moth balled when the war ended. It was on State road in Cornwells heights,Pa.
    2. Elevator Shaft of what was Kinsey Warehouse D.
    3. Framed award given Continental Distilling for the quality of their Lord Sandwich British Gin Label given me by my friend in marketing at Publicker. It used to hang on the wall at Publickers headquarters at 1429 chestnut st in Phila.
    4. One of the things I remember we did used chauk and played Tic Tac Toe on the elevator walls at lunch and breaks. Here is some vintage tic tac toe, warehouse J.
    5.Old Kinsey Warehouse E racks hanging since the wall was knocked down.
    6.Walking around in warehouse R I looked in an old turned over whisky case and saw a dead spider turned white from the mold and plaster. I took this picture of it it looks weird!
    7. What was the elevator in old Kinsey Warehouse E.

    I just got a call from my friends that watch Kinsey and they told me the guy hired to tear down the buildings started today.

    This for me is like the death of an old long time friend! I just hope he doesn't get carried away and tears down what is left of the old Kinsey bottle house.
    Once the warehouses are gone the only early 1900's building will be the grain process building. Sure glad Rod got me the explosion proof fixture I made my second light with. Glad a couple of years ago I gotthe piece of the stair from the old #10 Rye Barn. I will have a very sad night when I go to bed thinking about what this rotten Person who owns Kinsey hs done to it. If someone said to me what do you think about him I would say he is an Evil Man.

    To think that in 1986 everything was working had power good roofs and he just is such a cheap person, he just walks away and lets it rot. I have come to a sad conclusion there is not one saveable building at kinsey anymore. Like my Electrian friend at work told me all he had to do was keep people out and keep the explosion proof heavy duty wiring untouched and you could fire it right up.

    Some times I wonder how someone like this man can make money when they are to cheap to take care of what they have. Anyone else would have sub divided it and it would still be used, but sadly Kinsey was doomed once this jerk bought it,he is a classic Slum Landlord! He bought it in great shape for 3 Million and wants 20 million for it in ruin what a brain dead person he is!
    Dave Z
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    Kinsey The Unhurried Whisky For Unhurried Moments
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