Just a few of my Kinsey Distillery Memories! I will never forget one of the first days I started there I met the nurse for the plant and her telling me to try not to get hurt or need anything after 2:00-PM as after that she would be having her Whiskey and Coffee, of course she said the Doctor told her to do it for her health. The Plant was 200 acres and we drove around from warehouse to warehouse in 1941 and 1947 Ford Flat trucks hauling barrels of Wiskey to be dumped in the troughts to be sent to be blended filtered and bottled. It was just a trough with screen and we would roll the barrels on it pull the bung and dump it. If you had not been in a warehouse for days the air would be blue with fumes,and the vents never worked and it was cold in winter. The company would give us Old Sub Zero green Army Coats to wear in the winter. Way at the back of the Plant were old barns and this was where during WWII the company had kept Steers and gave them the old Mash to eat. The time clock was in the old abandoned Still building and there were two giant Tanks filled with water I was told by a boss that they did that to keep them usable if they ever ran the still again. People who had worked there had put Cat fish and suckers in the tanks and we would throw stuff in to feed them, they were real big! All the light switches in the warehouses were sealed and globes over the Light bulbs because of the fumes being flamible. For a 19 year old Kid this was amazing. There was a sort of tunnel from the boiler room to the still and when I was on the yard crew we ate our lunch there as the break room at the other end was a walk half way through the Plant. The plant had its own cement Highway running through all the way down to the river almost, ending at Mr Bryants Company Home. There were electric poles all the way and power!
Dave Z