I deliberately put this in this thread because I learned earlier this week that Southern Comfort does contain bourbon. This is a change, though I don't believe it is a recent one. I know for a fact that when Brown-Forman bought the brand in 1979, and for several years thereafter, it contained not a drop of whiskey. The base alcohol was 100 percent GNS. I now know that at some point along the line that was changed and today Southern Comfort contains about 20 percent bourbon. What bourbon? Something else of Brown-Forman's, so either Old Forester or Early Times.

At 20 percent, it would qualify to be called a blended whiskey, except it probably contains too much sugar for a blended whiskey and must, therefore, be classified as a liqueur. The rest of the alcohol in the product is GNS and it is further flavored by a concentrate of about 20 natural fruit flavors, dominated by apricot.