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    Hi all, need a present for a Bavarian Scotch drinker

    Hey all,

    Thanks for such a great site. I just started reading it but have found a lot of great information.

    I registered an account because I'm traveling to Germany in a couple weeks to be once again with my beautiful Bavarian girlfriend. I'll be at her home for Christmas and though she insists that I not buy anything for her parents, I'd like to get, at the very least, a fine bottle of good bourbon for her dad who believes that Scotch whiskey is the only great whiskey made on this green earth. I myself am quite a newbie to bourbon (I hope you'll forgive I've been a Scotch fan until this point) but I want to get him a good bourbon...

    So far, Blanton's looks like it might be a good choice based on its numerous recommendations here and elsewhere as well as on its pretty packaging which is nice for a gift that will be sitting on a shelf in plain view in a living room (yes, I've met her parents before). Has anyone been at the duty-free shops in Philadelphia Airport recently and know what bourbons they actually stock? And does someone recommend I get something else for my girlfriend's dad?

    I'd be willing to spend up to about $50 or so for a liter. I don't know if I need to spend that much, but from what I know of Scotch and cognac, $30 can get you a decent one, $50 moves you up to the next level. If it's unlikely to get something really good in that pricerange at PHL I'd be happy to pick up a bottle elsewhere, I just wanted to save a bit by buying duty-free.

    Finally, as I recall, the guy seems to like his Scotch smokey, if that helps. He also like strong whiskey, so he doesn't need a child's first bourbon. And I like strong whiskey too, so when we taste it we can both enjoy it.

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